RoudgerSoft - Privacy Policy

Contact form and email communication

Personal data collected during the submission of a form or an email communication is not transmitted to a third party.
If you request support, you may be required to provide us with your contact information, screen shots or other information deemed useful by one of the parties.
This information will only be used for diagnosis and user assistance.
They will not be communicated (except with your prior agreement in the context of external technical assistance) and will be deleted 3 years after the date of the last communication (or on request via the contact form).

AB GPS app

AB GPS does not collect any personal information.
GPS coordinates are stored in the application and / or contacts of your device (depending on use) and are not shared with the publisher or a third party.

iCompt & iCompt Lite apps

iCompt does not collect any personal information.
iCompt Lite (free version), uses Google's advertising service which may collect data such as your location or the device's advertising identifier.
For more information, please consult Google's privacy policies for partner sites or applications.