Mono-counter mode

A virtual hand tally counter.
Increment with 1, 2 or 3 fingers
(3 configurable values)
Audible confirmation possible.

Multi-counters mode

Increment 3 different counters depending on the number of fingers.


Opportunity to be alerted by sound or vibration when the threshold is triggered.

Try free

iCompt Lite :
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No sound for alerts or confirmations

Make sure the volume control of the device is not at least

Go to Settings > Sounds and change the volume
or enable “Change with Buttons” and increase the volume with the + button

iPhone manual for more information

Check that the device is not in silent mode

Flip the Ring/Silent switch to put iPhone in ring mode

iPhone manual for more information

No vibration for alerts

Check the compatibility of the device

The vibrator works only with compatible devices (iPhones).
iPods and iPads are not equipped to vibrate.

Check the activation of the vibrate for the current mode

Go to Settings > Sounds and turn vibrate on for Ring or Silent mode.
Ring or Silent mode is defined by the Ring/Silent switch.

iPhone manual for more information